Hi-Rez: Character Riggers

Job: Character Riggers
Location: Alpharetta, Georgia, United States

Hi-Rez is seeking experienced Character Riggers to contribute to our online action game titles. Join the creator of critically acclaimed Tribes: Ascend, SMITE, and Global Agenda.

- Work closely with modeling and animation teams to create optimized rigs that fully address the needs of the character's functionality.
- Create tools that streamline the character creation workflow throughout the entire pipeline.
- Maintain character hierarchical standards and protocols.
- Generate in-game physics assets that react realistically when simulated.
- Ability to troubleshoot pre-existing character rig setups / scripts.

- Advanced knowledge of 3ds Max.
- Past experience with various rig setups, including bipedal, quadruped, and complex robotic/mechanical characters.
- Strong understanding of MAXScript, scripted controllers and expressions. In-depth knowledge of FK/IK systems.
- Strong work ethic and communication skills
- Thrives in a fast-paced work environment with high degree of change.
- Unreal Engine 3 experience preferred but not required