Nucleus Medical Art Inc: Cinema 4D 3D Model Rigging

Job: Cinema 4D 3D Model Rigging
Type: Free-lance (Contract)  

Nucleus Medical Media is seeking an experienced 3D model rigger for full anatomical rigging of our male and female Zygote anatomy collection models and Zygote Baby model.

Rigging for the male and female models requires: deformation and weighting of skin, nerves, vessels and organs, muscle deformation with accurate flexion and extension, full skeleton articulation. All elements are to work together with perfect registration. Baby requires only skin rigging. All models require basic facial expression rigging.

Controls for rigged models are to be easy to use, natural, and highly detailed. Design requires motion capture and dynamics compatible.

Request for Proposal:
Please provide a written proposal with the full cost for development and timeline for delivery. All work produced under this agreement is work-made-for-hire, and will be owned fully by Nucleus Medical Media.

Send Proposals to:
Thomas Brown
Director of Animation

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