Paper Krane: AE Animator and Graphic Designer

Company: Paper Krane
Job Category: Animation : 2D Animation
Job Type: Contracted
Career Level: Experienced
Pay / Salary: Flat Rate ($800.00 - $1,800.00)
Experience Required: 5+ Years

Job Description
Paper Krane is a video marketing company in Portland, Oregon looking to hire freelance animators as our company grows. The work is a part time on an as needed basis, but we are forecasting much growth in the upcoming year. We are only interested in hiring freelancers within the United States. 

You will be hired to replicate the animation styles seen on our website, here:

We are looking for people extremely fluent in:
• Illustrator
• Photoshop
• After Effects

And someone who (is):
1. Is talented and accustomed to working with various styles. Must be able to replicate the majority of videos you see in our portfolio by both creating all graphics and animating them. 
2. Has a strong graphic design background. You know how to create clean and attractive graphics and compose a scene. You know which color schemes look pleasing to the eye and how to integrate existing branding. 
3. You are a GREAT communicator. This means that you check your email religiously, verify when things are received and understood. You are an expert at taking direction, interpreting storyboard descriptions, and very detail oriented. You ask us questions to clarify if there is even the slightest bit of confusion. 
4. You work within deadlines and are reliable. Your equipment is up to date, reliable, and your processor is quick and efficient. You excel at working on independently and manage your time so as to never miss a deadline. 

You will be creating all characters and objects in Illustrator/Photoshop and animating in After Effects. We require that all of our freelancers own their own equipment and software and can work independently of our studio. Please only apply if you have ample experience in all three Adobe programs and are confident that you can easily create the styles featured in our portfolio.

We pay our freelancers 30% upfront. Currently we are paying:
30 sec = $800

1:00 = $1,000
1:30 = $1,200
2:00 = $1,400
2:30 = $1,600
3:00 = 1,800

Included in these prices are the following expectations from you:
1) We provide you with the voice over narration, script and basic instructions for the look/feel/plot. You will create an initial storyboard from this information. The storyboard will consist of still images (about 8 images per 30 seconds), created in illustrator/photoshop and exported as a jpeg/pdf. Revisions may be necessary.

2) Once the storyboard is approved by the client, you will complete all graphics and animate them in After Effects
3) The client will request revisions to the video. These revisions will be included in the price paid to you. We would like to stress how important it is that our freelancers be patient and prompt during this process.
4) When the final version of the video is approved you will send us all illustrations, graphics, project files and all other final deliverables that went into creating the project. We require all files be sent to us, and appreciate them being reasonably organized. You will be hired again for any future work with that particular client so long as you did a satisfactory job and are available again. 
5) You are paid the remaining amount within two business days upon final delivery of all final files.

If you are interested in applying, please send us a link to your reel. We are interested in seeing commercial work, for a business, similar to what you see in our portfolio! We are not interested in video game animation, 3D character animations for artistic purposes, or live footage. Please only apply if you have experience with styles similar to those you see in our portfolio, that are able to tell a story for a business. 

If we are interested in your work, we will ask you to create a test scene for us and then determine if you will be a good fit. We apologize in advance for not being able to reply to every individual applicant due to the number of submissions we receive. We appreciate your time, and will be in touch if we are interested.

Thanks for your interest in working with us! We look forward to hearing from you.